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Darlington pair transistors

Understanding transistor specifications

Choosing replacement transistors

How does a diode work

How does a transistor work


- Links to a host of interesting electronics and radio sites.


Apogee Electronic Kits - Electronic kits and free downloadable tutorials and information

Ben Hooton - Video editing services and expertise

Cytium Site, a fascinating hobby electronics site with music accompanyment.

Carl's Electronics A great site with plenty of electronics kits to build

delabs circuits Over 160 electronic circuits and additional information

Direct Industry Described as a Virtual Industrial Exhibition, it is available in 5 languages and is a widely visited on-line industrial exhibition.

Electronics Guides A complete electronics info source - Electronics articles and resources.

Electronics Circuits A host of electronics circuits and information.

Electronics-Lab Electronics circuits, articles, downloads and links

Electronics 2000 A tremendous and fascinating site with plenty of data, information, and calculators

Electronics Teacher Electronic tutorials, electronic project kits, robotics guide for students, amateur and professionals

G6DPP Amateur Radio Pages UKLinks to a large variety of amateur radio sites

G7KFP Quicklinks Links to a host of ham radio sites from Andy Gayne

Kelsey Park School An excellent site for those interested in electronics and electronic construction

HobbyTron Electronic kits, educational materials, and more.

Marc's Technical Pages A site featuring electronic circuits, ideas, and hints on audio, radio, telemetry, antennas, process control, IT, power, HV, test and measurement, etc...

RF Cafe The best site for everything RF.

Sirkit A variety of electronics home study kits aimed particularly at those studying for GCSE in the UK, but useful for others world wide as well. A very useful site providing information about the latest in test technology

WM8C A variety of ham radio information.

Something completely different

Net Music Review - for independent reviews of modern music bands, CD and music albums.

Home Hints - a complete guide for useful hints around the home and house.

Search Engines and Directories

Splut An interesting name for an interesting search engine.

AbiLogic Directory A large internet directory covering all topics

All The Websites Web Directory

4CSW Directory The site for software and computer listings

Practical Electronics Handbook

Ian Sinclair, John Dunton





Electronics Projects for Dummies

Earl Boysen, Nancy C. Muir





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