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Radio Technology

- information about all aspects of radio technology from radio receivers to RF signals and RF circuits to calculations.

Since it was first used around the end of the nineteenth century, radio has become an increasingly important part of everyday life. Radio broadcasting is one of the most obvious forms of radio transmission.

Today radio is used for many forms of communication from long distance satellite communications to the personal cell phones that are widely used. In addition to this wireless communications are becoming more important for data as demonstrated by the rapid growth in Wi-Fi.

Basics of radio

This section will look at some of the basic elements of radio and what it is:
- What is radio?
- Radio signals - a summary about radio waves and what they are.

Radio signals and modulation

Radio signals are This section will look at some of the basic elements of radio and what it is:
- Amplitude modulation (AM)
- Frequency modulation (FM)
- Single sideband (SSB)

Radio receivers

Radio receivers take many forms. Learn more about how they work
- The basics of the superheterodyne radio receiver
- The basics of mixing or multiplications - a very useful process for radio frequencuy engineering


Newnes Guide to Radio and Communications Technology

Ian Poole

Newnes Guide to Radio and Communications Technology





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