Testing and Test Equipment

- information about all aspects electronics testing, test methods, and test equipment including oscilloscopes, test meters, spectrum analyzers and all forms of test equipment.

Electronics test and test equipment are essential elements of electronics and radio. Electronic equipment can develop failures, or it may not work properly when it is built. In order to discover whether a circuit is working, and then where the problem is located, it is necessary to use various forms of test equipment.

The items of test equipment that are commonly found are multimeters, analogue and digital (DMM - digital multimeter), oscilloscopes, and under some circumstances more specialised test equipment including spectrum analyzers may be used.

Testing and test equipment glossary of terms

Test Equipment

There are many items of test equipment that can be used for testing electronics equipment. From digital multimeters to power meters and oscilloscopes to spectrum analyzers, they all have their uses.

Using a multimeter

There are many measurement that can be made with both digital and analog (analogue) multimeters.

Using a oscilloscopes

While multimeters are able to perform many tests, oscilloscopes are able to provide a unique insight into the working of an electronics circuit, because an oscilloscope is able to show the waveforms as well as being able to measure them.