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How does a transistor work

Electronics and Radio Today, the great e-zine resource for everyone interested in today's electronics and radio. The site gives a huge amount of information about basic electronics and radio topics and it is especially useful for anyone studying electronics. Included on the site are such topics and basic electronics and radio concepts, basic components, simple electronics circuits, radio, ham radio, constructional techniques and much more >>>

Today is: 28 August 2015

The radio spectrum extends over a vast range and it carries a tremendous number of types of transmission. Find out how the radio spectrum is split up and where the transmissions we receive are located.

What's on this site

Electronics and Radio Today contains a vast amount of information, data and articles about basic electronics, and it carries many simple electronics circuits. These are contained in the various areas of the site that are explained in greater detail below:

  • Basic concepts:   The section provides a wealth of information about basic electronics concepts written in understandable terms. It includes voltage, current, resistance and many basic calculations as well as much more…

  • Circuits - analogue:   Within this area, a number of simple electronics circuits and circuit concepts are provided.

  • Electronic components:   This area focuses on the basics of electronics components. Components ranging from resistors and capacitors through simple semiconductors to complete integrated circuits are covered.

  • Radio:   Radio technology is being used increasingly within everyday life. From broadcast radio material and cellular phones to Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies it is widely used. Find out the basics of radio technology.

  • Ham radio:   Ham radio is a hobby that has captivated the interest of many people since the very earliest days of radio. This section of the site covers many of the basics of the fascinating hobby of amateur radio from operating, Morse code and DXing through to summaries of the ham radio allocations.

  • Constructional techniques:   Anyone interested in electronics will want to build some equipment. This section of the site not only covers many aspects of soldering, but it also covers many other hints and tips for constructing electronics equipment.

  • Testing and test techniques:   Being able to test equipment is an essential skill for anyone involved in electronics. The pages in this area cover many aspects of testing and test equipment from using test meters or multimeters and scopes to the various test technologies that can be found.

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