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eBooks from Electronics+Radio

- check out or premium content eBooks from Electronics+Radio. These low cost books in electronic format give detailed information often available only in much higher cost paper books.

A Guide to Digital and Analogue Multimeters

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This book provides a complete guide to the operation and use of multimters. It looks at the basic concepts behind multimeters, and how they came about. It then describes the analogue multimeter, how it works and how it is used to make measurements. The book then progresses on to the widely used digital multimeters, DMMs, looking at how they work, their specifications, accuracy / resolution, before looking at how to use them.

A Guide to Operational Amplifiers and their Circuits

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This book provides a complete guide to operational amplifiers. It covers not only the basics to operational amplifiers themselves with topics including gain, differential amplification, bandwidth, slew rate and much more, but it also includes a comprehensive guide to the design of circuits using them. Many differnet circuits are covered with design equations including amplifiers, filters, notch filters, bistables, integrators, differentiators, etc. This is the guide that designers want to buy when looking into the use of operational amplifiers.

A Guide to the Superheterodyne Radio

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Starting with the basic concepts, this e-book provides all you need to know about the superhet radio: mixing, block diagrams, synthesizers, selectivity, sensitivity, SNR, SINAD, noise figure . . . and much more.

A Guide to RF Amplifier Envelope Tracking

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This book provides a complete introduction to the topic of envelope tracking used in RF amplifiers to improve power efficiency. It explains all the concepts in easy to understand terms, enabling the user to quickly grasp the basic concepts and gain a deeper understanding of the topic.





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