Testing & Test Equipment

Testing and test instruments are key to any electronics design, development, production and maintenance activity. Learn about test instruments from DMMs & meters to oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and many more with our online tutorials.

Electronics test and test equipment are essential elements of electronics and radio. Electronic equipment can develop failures, or it may not work properly when it is built. In order to discover whether a circuit is working, and then where the problem is located, it is necessary to use various forms of test equipment.

The items of test equipment that are commonly found are multimeters, analogue and digital (DMM - digital multimeter), oscilloscopes, and under some circumstances more specialised test equipment including spectrum analyzers may be used.

Test glossary of terms


The multimeter forms one of the most widely used items of test equipment. Learn about this aspect of electronics online though our test equipment tutorials.

RF test equipment

Tutorials about test equipment used for RF applications from spectrum analyzers to frequency counters and many more.


Use our oscilloscope tutorials to learn about all you need to kow about oscilloscopes.

Logic Probe

Read our online tutorial about logic probes: simple and easy to use test instrumetns used to test simple logic circuits and ascertain logic levels.