Students working with radio equipment
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Basic concepts

Circuits - analogue

Electronic components


Ham radio


Testing and test equipment



Construction techniques

- summaries about the basic constructional techniques and concepts used in building electronic and radio circuits.

Constructing electronic circuits and equipment is one of the areas that makes the hobby enjoyable. Being able to say that you built it and it works gives a real feeling of satisfaction. However to obtain the best results when constructing circuits and projects, some know-how and some hints and tips help. That is the aim of this section

Soldering is one of the key skills required when building electronics equipment. It also helps to have some backgound of what solder is and the right tools to use.
Soldering and how to solder (includes video clip).
Solder and what it is
Soldering irons
How to de-solder causing as little damage as possible.
An overview of solder joints

Hints and tips
Here we aim to give some useful hints and tips that will help with contructing your electronic circuits and projects.
Making twisted pair wire
How to drill a painted case for an electronics project without damaging it.
An easy way to label and protect a front panel
Using sleeves to insulate those exposed terminals
Easy ways to make wiring looms to tidy up the wires in a constructional project
Straightening connecting wire - an easy way to straighten surplus connecting wire so that it can be re-used

ESD - Electro-Static Discharge
ESD - Electro-static discharge is of great importance in today's electronics. Many of today's electronic devices can be destroyed by careless handling. Learn how to avoid these costly accidents.
ESD basics
ESD protection
ESD prevention for hobbyists


Electronics Projects for Dummies

Earl Boysen, Nancy C. Muir



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