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How does a transistor work

Analogue Circuits

- descriptions, summaries of useful analogue circuits and analogue circuit building blocks with essential formulae, calculations and the electronics circuit diagrams.

There is a host of electronic circuit building blocks that can be used. The aim of this section of the website is to provide a number of electronic circuit building blocks along with practical information about them.

Transistor circuits
Despite the fact that integrated ciruits are widely used today, circuits using discrete transistors can still provide excellent performance.
- Transistor crystal oscillator circuit
- Darlington pair circuit configuration

Operational amplifier circuits
Operational amplifiers provide an ideal basis for a large number of ciruits ranging from amplifiers themselves, through to filters, astables and bistables.
- Inverting amplifier circuit
- Non-Inverting amplifier circuit
- Comparator using an operational amplifier
- Schmitt trigger using an operational amplifier
- Multivibrator using an operational amplifier

Power supply circuits
Power supplies and the electronics within power supplies are very important. Without them many circuits would not work, and it is also important to ensure the specification of any power supply meets the requirements of the circuit it is powering.
- Power supply electronics overview
- AC rectifier circuits
- Voltage regulator circuits
- Zener voltage regulator circuit
- 7805, 7812 and 78** series voltage regulators
- Power supply specifications
- Overvoltage protection circuits

Come back and visit again as we will be adding more circuits, information, and of course the electronics circuit diagrams.


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